Sevincler Family has started its business activities with the name of Guler Toptan in 1982 by food wholesale business in the region of SouthEast-East part of Turkey. After successful distribution in the region, Sevincler Gida was founded in 1994 and the company started distributing wide range of products besides food products.

In 2002, Unzade Un(wheat flour company) was founded and the company also started manufacturing wheat flour in Gaziantep with latest technology machines. This factory is founded on 10000 m2 land and has daily 300 tons, annual 100000 tons capacity. With its high quality wheat flours, Unzade became a known brand in both Turkey and in exported countries.

In 2004, the company went into a new business, construction, besides others and opened a new company called Sevincler Insaat A.S. which is building high quality apartments in Gaziantep and selling them. Today, it is among the biggest construction companies in Gaziantep with its value creating projects.

Finally, in 2010, the family decided to get into hygiene business after long market researches and founded Sevincler Saglik Urunleri A.S. This company has started its activities by manufacturing baby diapers, but now manufacturing adult diapers, wet towels and sanitary napkins in addition to baby diapers. The company is focused on creating brands. Giggles, Jusy Baby, Dr Comfort and First Lady are among the brands of Sevincler Saglik.

The family is also founded Sevincler Ic ve Dis Ticaret in 2010 for its import and export activities. The company exported to more than 50 countries in its 3rd year after foundation. The companies are now under the same roof as Sevincler Group by having honesty and hard working as their key properties.